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The College provides opportunities to exhibit and excel in co-curricular activities like drama, quiz, dance, music, painting, public speaking, etc,.

  • Yoga Day
  • Environmental Day
  • Fresher's Day
  • Teacher's Day
  • Swatch Bharath (Clean India)
  • Ethnic Day
  • Republic Day
  • Sports Day
  • Talents Day
  • Annual Day

Best out of Waste

26th July 2020

As we wanted to teach our students the importance of conserving the resources and to make the best use of waste things in life, “Best out of Waste” Online Competition was conducted on 26th July 2020. This habit of using old things to create beautiful crafts is needed now.

A flower vase, Wallet, Wall hangings, wall decorations, plant pot made of coconut shell, Diwali hanging Lamp, Notes holder, paper cycle, flowers made of ear buds, wall shelf and pen holders, hot air balloon, paper bags, photo frame, toys were very attractive.

Such activity helps in enhancing creativity and presentation skills. It also helps them realize the importance of recycling and reusing waste material available to them.

Here are the winners
1st place - Meghana II PU Science
2nd place - Darshini, II PU Commerce
3rd place - Sonal II PU Science and Vaishnavi A. IIPU Commerce
Congratulations buddies

Best out of waste

Vegetable Carving Competition

29th June 2020

NITTE Pre University College organized an online Vegetable carving competition for the second PU students on 29th June 2020. The competitions received an enormous response from our students.

The students were asked to form flowers or animals by carving the vegetables. The participants displayed stunning creative designs. It was challenging for us to decide to whom the prize should be given since all have done very well. There were attractive caricatures made out of vegetables.

This competition is held to encourage our budding artists to display their expertise. Here are our winners

1st Place- Shreya Naresh, 2nd Science.
2nd Place- Vaishnavi A, 2nd Commerce
Congratulation winners.

Vegetable Carving

Rangoli Competition

26 July 2019

Nitte Pre – University College organized Rangoli Competition on Friday the 26th July 2019 in its campus. During this festive occasion the students participated in this event with great enthusiasm and put together their artistic and creative skills. Certainly the day was filled with great enthusiasm.

It is believed that Rangoli brings good luck. Such competitions also remind our children of aesthetic sense and of our rich culture.

The result was announced the next day of the competition. The first prize won by Archana & Harshitha S.N of 2nd PU Commerce and second place bagged by Rakshitha & Preethi G of 1st Science “A” Batch.

The Principal MS Jyothi Hitnal congratulated the participants and the winners for their active participation and encouraged them to indulge themselves in such divergent activities.

Freshers Day 2019 nitte pu college yelahanka bangalore

Face Painting Competition

17 July 2019

As we all know a student’s social life is as important as their academic life, for their development. Education should go beyond the four classroom walls; it should be more than just books. Though there is much pressure on the students to get high grades but if the student has to be sportive and bold and if they have to face life situation, marks alone will not help him.

Here at Nitte, we make sure that the child participates in curricular and extracurricular activities, so that we try our best in making this young world a better place. We have been conducting divergent activities for the overall growth of our students.

Face painting competition was organized on 17th July 2019 at Nitte Pre University College. The student artists painted their models unleashing their hidden potential. The participation from the students was overwhelming and made this event a grand success. They came out with their artistic best and creative ideas. This event created an aura of excitement and festivity in the campus. The theme for the competition was “Joker Face”.

Among the winners, on the first position were 1st PU COM “B” section students Kusuma S.M. & Chaithra A. and on the second position were Mithun N. & Vinay K Gowda of 2nd PU COM and on the third position were 1)Inara Raiman & Kashvi R. Madhurkar of 1st SCIENCE “B” BATCH 2) Jhanavi V. & Ananya A. of 2nd Commerce.

Freshers Day 2019 nitte pu college yelahanka bangalore

Freshers Day

29 June 2019

Nitte Pre University College celebrated Freshers Day on 29th June 2019 in its campus. The day was marked as a memorable day in the life of first year PU students.

The new comers were formally welcomed into Nitte Family. The day was marked by the presence of esteemed guests Dr. H. C. Nagaraj – Principal NMIT, Dr. Sandhya Ravi – Principal, Nitte School of Fashion and Interior Design and Ms Sandhya Singh – Principal, Nitte International School and Ms. Jyothi Hitnal Principal –NITTE PU College.

The celebration commenced with the traditional lamp lighting, which was followed by prayer. Ms. Jyothi Hitnal – Principal, Nitte PU College welcomed the dignitaries. The guests of the day were introduced. Dr. H. C. Nagaraj, addressing the students guided them to have dedication and patience. In his speech, where he spoke about hard work, having a firm goal, aptitudes which will make a student reach his destiny.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Sandhya Ravi told that every student must possess confidence and sportive thinking. She also said that this life has been given by god, each person is unique, and each person has different ideas and thoughts. It is our responsibility to respect others, our life has to be simple and humble, she added.

Addressing the newcomers the Principal Ms Jyothi Hitnal told that our life is a circle of love, hate, fear and happiness and one has to use the mind in such a way that we he can find his path discovering himself. She also encouraged students to know and understand the components of happiness.

The inauguration of student council and the swearing in ceremony of the newly elected members of the council for the year 2019-2020 was also held, followed by demonstration of the oath to the council members and they adhered to the duties and responsibilities rendered to them.

The day was an opportunity for the students to exhibit their talents in the cultural programmes which was reverberated with dances, mime, skit, songs and musical instrument. The afternoon session saw all the students taking part in the fun –filled games which included bomb in the city, Music chair, etc

The programme concluded with vote of thanks. The day was a memorable event for the newcomers and that would remain evergreen in their hearts.

Freshers Day 2019 nitte pu college yelahanka bangalore


21 June 2019

Nitte Pre University College celebrated Yoga day with great enthusiasm on June 21st 2019 in its campus. Since its inception in the year 2015, June 21st is celebrated as The International Day of Yoga all over the world.

Students of 1st and 2nd PU performed various aasanas followed by mediation. Warm up exercises were taken and all the students performed sitting and standing aasanas.

The Chief Guest Ms Navithra D, Yoga instructor guided the children about the importance of Yoga in everyday life. She demonstrated different kinds of Yoga postures. Ms Jyothi Hitnal, the Principal addressing the students asked them to practice Yoga and Exercise to have a healthy and long life.

She also said that practicing yoga will help in concentrating. Being students it’s their duty to keep their health better, which will surely help our students achieve a better life, physically, mentally and spiritually as well she added.

The yoga day celebration concluded with vote of thanks by Jyothi lakshmi, lecturer in Biology. Teaching and non teaching staff were present.

Freshers Day 2019 nitte pu college yelahanka bangalore Freshers Day 2019 nitte pu college yelahanka bangalore

Student Council Election

20 June 2019

Nitte Pre University College conducted student council election on 20th June 2019 in the college premises. To imbibe and inculcate among the students the vision, mission and values of the college it was necessary to have a student council election. It also aimed at academic programmes, maintaining discipline, usage of library facilities, and other student service facilities.

The election result was announced on 25th June 2019. The following students were elected the student council members

  • President – Aaron Mackenzei, 2nd Science
  • Vice President- Shashank, 2nd Science
  • Cultural Secretary- Supriya, 2nd Commerce
  • Joint cultural secretary- Darshan B, 1st Commerce
  • Sports secretary- shireel Louvina, 2nd PU Science
  • Joint sports secretary- Sanjay M, 1st Science
  • Discipline secretary- Tharun Kumar, 2nd Pu Science
  • Joint discipline secretary- B.S Tejas, 1st Pu Commerce

The Principal Ms Jyothi Hitnal congratulated the newly elected student council members and told them to develop leadership qualities, which will help in sharing the ideas and interests of the students, since students council is the voice of the student body.


10 March 2018

An Open Day Science Exhibition was organised at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to commemorate ‘Founder’s Day’, Jamsetji Tata’s birth anniversary which is celebrated as Founder’s Day..

With an aim to instil scientific temper, the students of NITTE PU College were taken to Open Day Science exhibition at IISc, Malleswaram on March 10th, 2018. Several experiments and live demonstrations were organised by research students on Maths, Physics, Organic Chemistry and bio-technology. Students were taken to each department across the sprawling campus where researchers explained various experiments through live demonstrations such as production of electricity using vegetables, production of waves, bending of glass and display of archaeological tools like knapped flint stone tool, bronze spatula and metal mirror. Quizzes and games related to mathematics were also organised by the students. The Aerospace Department’s drones at the airfield, “The Clean Room” of Nano Sciences Department and Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing were the main attractions.

The science exhibition, taken as a whole was very informative and applicable for the students to understand the power of science and new technologies so that they can contribute to the field of science in future.

science exhibition visit by students of nitte pu college yelahanka bangalore

Annual competitions

20 to 28 November 2017

Co curricular activities enhance intellectual aspects of personality, aesthetic development, character building, physical growth and creativity.

NITTE PU College has always taken initiative to encourage these activities for the all- round development of students through various competitions.

The Annual competitions were held in our campus from 20 /11/2017 to 28/11/2017.Students participated with full energy and enthusiasm. Students came prepared and displayed their talents in various events. These competitions were very useful and helped students to improve their personality.The highlights of the competitions were

vegetable carving at top pu college in yelahanka north bangalore
cooking without fire at best pu college in yelahanka north bangalore
quiz competition at nitte pu college yelahanka north bangalore
collage making at top pu college in yelahanka bangalore

Industrial Visit To Mother Dairy

13 September 2017

Students of NITTE PU College along with faculty members visited Mother Dairy, Yelahanka as a part of Industrial visit on September 13, 2017. One of the senior personnel – Mr. Prabhu guided the students on various activities held at Mother Dairy.

Students were given a brief idea on various stages of milk production such as processing, procuring, packing, supplying and marketing. The students also learned about the production of various milk products like paneer, milk sweets, pasteurization of milk and above all the infra-structure of the plant.

The visit was a great experience and informative for all the students.

industrial visit by students of nitte pu college yelahanka bangalore

Industrial visit to Mysore Sandal Soap Factory

21 Aug 2016

Nitte P U College had organized an industrial visit to Mysore Sandal Soap Factory located at Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore on 21/08/2016 for I PUC students accompanied by faculty. Mr. Ravi Kumar who is an employee of the factory guided the students about the production and manufacturing soaps and detergents.

industrial visit by students of best pu college in yelahanka bangalore

Visit to Nritya Grama, Fish Farm, Ostrich Farm, Poultry Farm

1 April 2017

Nitte P U College had organized Field visit to Nritya Grama, Fish Farm, Ostrich farm. Poultry farm, located at Hesaraghatta, Bangalore on 01/04/2017 for II PUC students accompanied by faculty. One of the employees of Nritya Grama explained about the various forms of Indian Traditional dance.

industrial visit by students of nitte pu college yelahanka bangalore