presidentof nitte education trust

N Vinaya Hegde


Nitte Education Trust has grown to become a benevolent umbrella organisation under which thrive the flagship Nitte University, known for the excellence of its teaching and research as well as allied institutions of primary, secondary and pre-university education that contribute to enrich the communities in which they function.

Our futures lie in the understanding that knowledge will be a key resource, highly sought after, world over. Our challenge is to help to generate ideas that will benefit society and to not only provide academic inputs but also empower our students with employability and life skills so that they will be valued for their specialised knowledge as well as ability to communicate and solve problems.

Nitte Pre-University College, Bengaluru is a welcome addition to the offerings of Nitte Education Trust. I am confident that it will continue the tradition of excellence in teaching, learning and relevence to society.